Attrapeur de Reves

Hello people! Can we talk about something interesting ? How about a garment which is not made out of fabric … ???

Strange? Weird? Well to me, NO..

“Fashion is all about clothes and fabrics..” This is what major of the population states. But we (my colleagues in this project and I ) as designers feel that this is truly a myth and that fashion is all about being able to design and create new wearable styles.!

Here I present to you our conceptual garment based on the theme “Attrapeur de Reves” which means Dream catcher. Excited?!   You should be 😛

Read on to find out more and Happy Reading!!


Have you ever pondered over the mystery behind the making of the dreamcatchers?

Are they those hunters who capture and drive away the horrifying after-effects of nightmares?

Are they those ‘pandits’ who keep evil forces and bad spirits away?

Small yet effective, these dreamcatchers have always helped people around the globe to have a peaceful sleep throughout the night. It is believed they trap bad dreams in their web and let the good dreams pass through! I so wish I had a dream catcher!!

Let me tell you,we were always fantasized by this extraordinary working principle of the dreamcatcher that when we got this project, we couldn’t resist ourselves but work on this same idea ! We have used stainless steel rods as our material to give a shinier finish. Putting months of commitment, hard work, enthusiasm and zeal, we finally have completed this tedious journey of making a conceptual and wearable steel dream catcher!!























Model – Ms. Isadora Mayumi (Faculty at Arch College of Design and Business)

Co-partners – Rahul Mandale and Vikas Bhakhar

Photography – Rahul Mandale


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