Beautifully Boho

Hello readers!

I always love to be dressed in simple, graceful and elegant dresses and prefer the look of the same. But this time I decided to go out of my comfort zone and styled up a bohemian look. Teaming up a pair of pants with a body suit and a saree created a perfect attire and not to mention, the oxidized jewellery which complemented the look.

The black pants which I had bought from the night market in Bangkok are so comfortable, you won’t feel a thing wearing.! The Cut Out Open Back Bodysuit from Romwe fit so beautifully on my body and I don’t feel the need to get it returned or exchanged. I have planned to create various looks wearing the bodysuit and I am already excited for it! The beautiful grey saree is from Amazon.

Now when we talk about oxidized jewellery, I can literally DIE for them! HAHA! I am so much in love with them that whenever you are confused with what to gift me, oxidized jewellery will come to your rescue !! Now that I have put a bug in your ears, I am waitinggg.. Haha!!

  • Earrings, Nosepin, Bracelet, Mangtikka – From the local markets in Jaipur
  • Waist band – is actually a string necklace I bought it from @hisnameisraghav (instagram) – Check out his jewellery pieces, they are amazing!

And last but not the least, I chose bold and dark colours for my eyes and lips to complete the entire look.

  • On the eyes – COLORBAR Party All Night Eye Shadow
  • On the lips – A blend of red and pink lip shades which I had bought from Bangkok!

And oh! Suggest me some hair bun accessory too!!

Drop in your comments 🙂

Photos by – Aaditya Damani

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Love, Aakruti Damani <3


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