The Dye Tale

Hi readers! Hope the 21 day lockdown hasn’t really kept you away from your hobbies. Well, it hasn’t for me and I have worked on improving my skills on art and craft.

And when it comes to ‘What to do when bored’, I always choose some tie-dye! This time I tried my hand on ‘ice-dye’ on my solid white shirt. It came out better than expected and I felt it would help my fellow dye-lovers. Here it goes…..

Things required:

  • A solid (preferably white) fabric/garment
  • Cotton coil for tying
  • Bucket (do not reuse it for bathing or washing clothes)
  • Dye colours (as per choice)
  • Ice cubes – lots and lots of it
  • Salt
  • A plastic/iron mesh
  • Colour fixer – I bought mine on Amazon

  1. Begin by tying the fabric/garment as per your choice of tying method. I had used the marbling technique for my shirt. (fig 1) For more ideas, visit my blog
fig 1

2. Immerse the tied product in some water and squeeze it to remove excess water. Reason – When the product is immersed in water and it is squeezed, the property of the product to absorb dye colour increases.

3. Place the iron/plastic mesh on top of the bucket and then place the tied product on the mesh. I used an old plastic mesh window for the same. (fig 2)

fig 2

4. Place the ice cubes on top of the tied product. Make sure you cover the entire product, without leaving any air space. (fig 3) Put lots of salt over the ice. Salt helps the product to absorb and retain the dye colour easier.

fig 3

5. Scatter the colours over the ice. (fig 4 – fig 6 show how the ice cube melt making the colour seep through the pores of the fabric (product) )

Note : If you are using more than 2 colours, put only one colour at a particular area and the next in another area. Ice dye makes the colour spread in the product.

fig 4

fig 5

fig 6

6. Wait for the ice cubes to melt.

fig 7 shows how the product would look once the ice cubes have melted.

fig 7

7. Let the product dry completely.

8. Once dried, remove the threads from the product.

fig 8

9. Line dry the shirt (fig 9)

fig 9 (I am unable to rotate this image, 😀 )

10. Iron it and don it like a celeb!! (fig 10)

fig 10

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Stay safe, stay indoors!

Love, Aakruti <3

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